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Apollo House: Salt Lake City Modern Rehab


Mid-century modern homes are all the retro rage for creative-minded home buyers these days.  The common problem, however, is the rough state that most of those 1950’s homes are in.  This 1957  Salt Lake City home is in prime, entirely rehabbed condition with an interior sexy enough to be featured here on TheCoolist.  Indoors, this home is lined with natural hardwood floors, calming white walls and ceilings, stainless steel fixtures and soft lighting.  Behind this contemporary classic is a serene private patio with a swimming pool, pool house for guests and plenty of space for sunning.  If you’re in Utah, this home is on the market for $749,000 and is located at 3602 Apollo in Salt Lake City.  While the exterior of this home may be unassuming, it more than earns its price once you step indoors.  [jetsongreen via materialicious]



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