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São Francisco Xavier House by Nitsche

Majestic green mountains form the visual walls of the glass-lined São Francisco Xavier House by Nitsche Arquitetos.  This stunning, secluded residence uses wood and glass to frame the beautiful nature around it, the dynamic natural environment of São Francisco Xavier, Brazil.  The remote residence rests on a flattened hill, occupying 24,000 square feet of space in an unobtrusive fashion.  Slatted wood decks rise a few steps above the plot, forming a base for steel beams and a wooden ceiling that is separated by glass from head to toe.  The view is unparalleled, and the secluded nature of the home ensures its inhabitants’ privacy.  It’s an adventure to get to, but once you arrive you are treated to serene relaxation amongst one of the world’s most beautiful panoramas.   [via archdaily]

São Francisco Xavier House Gallery