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    Shipwreck Art Gallery by Andreas Franke
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Shipwreck Art Gallery by Andreas Franke

Photographer and diver Andreas Franke has completed a gallery collection that may just be the first of its kind– a photography gallery underwater on a sunken ship.  Franke’s “The Vandenberg: Life Below the Surface” recently opened on the walls of the sunken ship of the same name.  The Vandenberg was sunk off the coast of Key West, Florida to become an artificial leaf for oceanic flora and fauna.  Franke visited the site of the underwater Vandenberg and captured some stills, then recreated what life could have been like aboard the ship with real actors.  The combined images now rest on the deck of the Vandenberg, where scuba-friendly art lovers can see his works in first person.  [via theawesomer]

Shipwreck Art Gallery Images