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The Snow Apartment is a Luxurious Getaway in the Northern Ski Slopes of China

Beijing can be a dark and ominous place during the winter months, but those with enough money escape to Zhangjiakou, a famous skiing destination North of the country’s capital. To give their client somewhere stylish to stay, Penda Design House came up with The Snow Apartment, a getaway inspired by melting snowfields in spring. The apartment features curved interiors, hand-plastering, and warm wood finishes that create a cozy environment to contrast with the biting cold of the mountains outside.

To mimic the melting snow of spring, the architecture employs hand-plastered, white shells, which cover walls and ceilings to create a blanket of pure white. Wooden panels were used to contrast this effect, while the walls themselves were lifted 5cm and backlit to create a clear differentiation between the white shells and the wooden fir-floor.The upper sections of the shells also features LED lighting, which improves the atmosphere and adds an organizational element to the home.

Plaster is a commonly used element in Northern China, which is why Architects made use of local knowledge, instead of opting for CNC milled panels, to help create double curved walls that add an organic feel to the apartment. Behind these expertly-crafted walls sits a network of heating pipes that keeps out the sub-zero temperatures of the mountains.

The apartment has 7 bedrooms, a large cloakroom and storage for the skiing equipment, several bathrooms and a large living room in its center. Not confined to one floor, a spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, where guests can relax in a more formal living area, make use of dining experiences, or brave the weather on a large roof terrace.







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