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    Spyker B6 VENATOR
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Spyker B6 VENATOR 2

Since the mark’s inception in 1999, Spyker has been a rare bird in the world of sports cars, creating Dutch-built luxuries like the Spyker C8 Aileron.  As part of this month’s Geneva Motor Show festivities, Spyker has revealed a new model, the Spyker B6 VENATOR concept.  The VENATOR (Latin for “hunter”) is a mid-engine two-seater featuring aircraft-inspired design elements and a performance-class powertrain.  It is the sleek, sexy kind of sports car that few will ever see on the road, since these bespoke beauties are intended to be built for a very select, very wealthy clientele.  If you’re amongst those lucky enough to drive one, you’ll be treated to near 200mph top speeds and responsive acceleration with a luxury-laden cockpit between the doors.

The Spyker B6 VENATOR is powered by a 375hp V6 engine, a similar offering to the C8 Aileron of years passed.  The Aileron featured an Audi V8 with a 400hp offering, and the smaller engine in the VENATOR might suggest a smarter, more fuel-efficient system that presents similar performance on the street.  Above the mid-mounted engine, the two-seater interior is all class.  It features a custom leather design from Royal Hulshof Dutch Tanneries, an aviation-inspired instrument panel with aluminum switches with an exposed gear change mechanism seen in very few modern automobiles.  Plastic is eschewed at all costs, and every detail is approached by sparing no expense.

At present, the new Spyker B6 VENATOR is still a concept.  Don’t be surprised, however, if Spyker produces a few of these for select clients or considers the VENATOR for wider production.  Stay tuned for updates, as it could be an eventuality that the VENATOR, like the C8 Aileron, makes its way to the US market after its initial revelation.

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