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    Steakstones Grilling Slab
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Steakstones Grilling Slab

Steakstones 1

Want to make the cooking of your steak part of the dining entertainment?  The Steakstones grilling slab is designed to do precisely that, like a mobile teppanyaki table wherever you choose to place it.  Steakstones can be heated up in the oven prior to use, and they will retain their cooking heat for 20-30 minutes, more than enough time to grill a nice assortment of meats.  They’re available in a range of designs, from the XL version above which can fit several steaks at once, to compact Steakstones for individual servings.  If you’re familiar with using Himalayan salt blocks to prepare food, think of Steakstones the same way.  They won’t impart a salty flavor into your food, but they’re built to last and look good in the process.  Just resist the urge to touch it while you’re preparing your meal on the table– they’re hot!  [via uncrate]

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