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Steampunk Spiders by Christopher Conte

steam insect 2 by christopher conte 1 Steampunk Spiders by Christopher Conte

Sculptor and miniaturist Christopher Conte has an intriguing, beautiful but creepy focus in the world of art.  His steampunk spiders and metal insect works range from the visually arresting to the downright spooky, from the tame Singer Insect to the terrifying Steel Widow series.   After working for 16 years as a prosthetist, building prosthetic limbs for amputees, Conte began his career as a full-time artist in 2008.   The sheer realism in Christopher Conte’s insect series suggests that mechanical creatures like these are not too far off in our future.  We’d prefer never to find one of these sitting on our bedroom wall… [christopher conte via freshbump]

steel widow spider by christopher conte 3 Steampunk Spiders by Christopher Conte



Christopher Conte’s Steampunk Spiders Gallery

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