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“Still Run”: Breathtaking Music Video by Shilo

Seasoned runners know the beauty and peace of a solitary night run.  The production company Shilo has turned the ritual of the night run into a trip through heaven and hell in BrotherSister‘s Still Run music video.  With the slow, dreamy soundtrack of BrotherSister’s musings, Shilo creates a world both beautiful and violent– with the video’s protagonist “still running” through it all.  Shilo’s brilliant 3D modeling and visual effects mastery shines through from the start.  [via fabrikproject]

  • Production Company: Shilo
  • Director: Shilo
  • Creative Director: Andre Stringer
  • Lead Artist: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
  • Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
  • Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
  • Editor: Galen Summer
  • 3D Artists: Christopher Fung, Dave Hill, Joji Tsuruga, Warren Heimall
  • Visual FX Artists: Warren Heimall, Tamir Sapir
  • 3D Modeling: Christina Ku, Scott Denton
  • 2D Animator: Stieg Retlin
  • Compositors: Andre Stringer, Dave Hill, Rick Malwitz, Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung, Warren Heimall, Joji Tsuruga, Kirsten Hall
  • Assistant Compositor: Helen Kim
  • Photographers: Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung
  • Matte Painters: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
  • Miniatures: Willi Patton