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Casa Gutierrez by P&P Arquitectos

casa gutierrez 01 Casa Gutierrez by P&P Arquitectos

When the Gutiérrez Escolán family set out to create a unique home of their own, they hired architect Juan Carlos Paredes of P&P Arquitectos to give it form.  Finished in 2008, Casa Gutierrez is a work of white concrete and slatted wood nestled into the urban jungle of La Libertad, El Salvador.  Paredes designed the family home to allow the breezy climate into the structure itself, making its inhabitants feel very much a part of the local nature of La Libertad.  Casa Guiterrez may stand out from its neighboring homes, but its angular contemporary feel will make it a welcome progression to the architecture of El Salvador. [via plataformaarquitectura]

casa gutierrez 02 Casa Gutierrez by P&P Arquitectos


Casa Gutierrez Gallery

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