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    The Otis Maybach
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The Otis Maybach

Recognize this Maybach?  You might if you remember when Jay Z and Kanye had their way with it during the Otis video shoot last year.  The transformed and revamped Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH referred to as “The Otis Maybach” will be auctioned as an art piece to benefit the Save the Children charity. The luxury vehicle was modified and altered into a less than street legal toy that would excite any auto enthusiast. Steel welded panels border the Otis Maybach adding to the black speed machine’s rebellious image. The roof and doors are non existent and solidify the “everything goes” attitude that the Maybach emits. This creative project produced a vehicle that posses the style of a luxury vehicle, traits of a stock race care and the attitude of a hip-hop artist.

The Otis Maybach Gallery