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    8-Bit Invader Projection Mapping by Pavel Novák
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8-Bit Invader Projection Mapping by Pavel Novák

Czech designer Pavel Novák has completed a projection mapping homage to the history of 8-bit video games titled “8-Bit Invader“.  Novák projected this giant display for the Department of Visual Arts at Tomas Bata University.  What begins with a simple command line eventually explodes into an inter-title battle between the video game icons of the 80s.  Pacman, Super Mario Bros., Lemmings, Arkanoid and others are all represented in Novák’s projection mapping.  If you enjoy this video and want to learn a bit more about the projection mapping trend, be sure to check out our feature: When Buildings Come Alive: 10 Unreal Urban Projection Mapping Videos.  [via designboom]

8-Bit Invader Projection Mapping Gallery