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    Stone Creek Camp by Andersson Wise Architects
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Stone Creek Camp by Andersson Wise Architects

Leave the laptop, ditch the Blackberry and prepare for a truly rustic retreat– the Stone Creek Camp by Andersson Wise Architects is a great American escape in the great state of Montana.  While sustainable and contemporary in design, Stone Creek Camp is classical in spirit.  Its owners spent years protecting the natural environment here in Big Fork, and the home they’ve built has a focus on the old life, a throwback to times where entertainment didn’t involve a web connection or satellite TV.  At Stone Creek Camp, a different brand of entertainment is served.  Swimming, bird watching, forest hiking, reading and relaxation are the fare here, all experienced from a home that is about as natural as it gets.

The green roof and cut timber walls of Stone Creek Camp provide a direct connection with the nature of this Montana landscape.  The rear section provides veranda views of the lake beyond, where sunsets and other scenery are a true upgrade over HDTV.  Within, the design is rustic and warm, similar to the feel of warm flannel on a winter day or a campfire at dusk.  While called a “camp”, Stone Creek isn’t open to the public.  A few owners use Stone Creek Camp as a private retreat, a time share amongst friends just waiting for a trip to Glacier National Park. [anderson wise architects via archdaily, photography by art gray]

Stone Creek Camp Gallery