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    StreetDome Skate Park Denmark
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StreetDome Skate Park Denmark

One way to build a community is to build an amazing community center. This massive, 65,000 square foot community complex features an indoor-outdoor skatepark, a climbing wall, a canoe launch and more. It’s called StreetDome, and it is a design project of Danish firms CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke. It’s designed to provide a safe, exciting environment for active entertainment in Haderslev, a Danish town of just over 20,000 residents.

The StreetDome Skate Park Denmark is named for the grand igloo-inspired dome in its center. This houses the indoor portion of the skate park and the bouldering/climbing wall that reaches to its peak. Half of its roof is covered in skylights, allowing daylight in to the interior for passive lighting. As guests enter, they’re met with a wild, angular climbing wall and an empty pool for skateboarding, comprising a visually exciting environment.

Outside, a larger skate park occupies most of the complex grounds, which ends at the harbor on its side. The sights and sounds of the harbor are alive throughout StreetDome, and guests are invited to experience that directly. A canoe launch and a contained section of the waterfront features a space for canoe polo, a team-based exercise opportunity for StreetDome’s visitors.

The StreetDome Skate Park wasn’t an inexpensive community project, but it should pay dividends in use by local kids and teenagers. A place with such a vibrant, eye-opening design sensibility is likely to encourage plenty of use by the community. It’s a smart investment and an even smarter design, and a great example for what communities can do to enrich the lives of their next generation.

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