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Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneaker: Review and Impressions

Our review of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers examines durable, luxury shoes. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneakers are an exclusive collaboration between Oliver Cabell, an American-based English company, and Uncrate, a buyer’s guide for men. The shoe itself is an addition to the signature Oliver Cabell Low 1 series.

Oliver Cabell Low 1: Review of Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneakers
The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneakers are exclusive Low 1 shoes from the English brand, Oliver Cabell

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneaker is a line of luxury sneakers with a low-top frame and minimalist visual features. The white Low 1 is Oliver Cabell’s signature minimalist sneaker–and their most popular model. Other well-known sneakers from the Low 1 collection include the Low 1 Ocean, Black, Sea Salt, Jet Black, Black Ghost, and Exotic. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneaker is a modification of the Low 1 White design, featuring a solid black heel and white insole and frame. The luxury sneakers consist of Italian materials, including leather from Vicenza and a Margom rubber sole from Marche. Oliver Cabell also crafts their shoes in Marche, Italy. The shoemakers employ Italian craftsmanship alongside contemporary solutions to develop luxury items such as the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers.

Our experience with the Uncrate collaboration sneakers is pleasant but hard-won. The sneakers’ design is best for narrower feet. We also dealt with initial discomfort as it took approximately ten wears to break them in. Another caveat of the shoe is that the black heel is painted on and will wear off over time. Conversely, the shoe is highly durable, stylish, and comfortable after wearing the sneakers for a few days.

Oliver Cabell’s high-quality materials and minimalist design choices led to a shoe we grew to love. The Uncrate sneaker is straightforward to style for casual, streetwear, contemporary, and some business casual looks. Adding the sneakers to your ensemble won’t undersell or overwhelm the black-and-white color palette because they’re neutral tones. The Uncrate collaboration sneaker is available for both men and women, though Oliver Cabel’s target audience is mostly men. Sizing also differs from other Low 1 sneakers as the Uncrate sneaker is missing a size for both men and women.

We’ll be reviewing the sneakers in greater detail in the article below. We’ll discuss our impressions of both the sneaker and Oliver Cabell as a brand. The article will also explore competing shoe brands, how long Oliver Cabell shoes last, whether you can resole their items, and return policies.

What are Oliver Cabell Low 1 shoes?

Uncrate x oliver cabell low 1 minimalist sneakers
The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell is another addition to the Low 1 shoe line of minimalist sneakers

Oliver Cabell Low 1 shoes are a line of luxury sneakers designed and distributed by Oliver Cabell. The Low 1 sneakers feature a low-top frame, largely minimalist visual elements, and high-quality Italian materials. All Low 1 sneakers (including the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe) sports full-grain calfskin leather, Margom rubber soles, and cotton laces from Italy. Oliver Cabell designs the Low 1 sneaker line for everyday use. Customers get to enjoy a durable but lightweight leather luxury sneaker that withstands daily commutes and lasts a lifetime given proper care.

The Low 1 shoes by Oliver Cabell are available in various designs and colors. The signature Low 1 sneaker is the Low 1 White which sports a clean, sleek white shell and insole. The brand offers solid color variations of their Oliver Cabell white sneakers in Black, Jet Black, Navy, Nude, and more. Other iterations of the Low 1 provide more varied and vivacious color palettes such as the Ocean, Belmont, Sea Salt, Pigment, and Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe which we’ll be reviewing in detail.

The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 is an exclusive collaboration between Oliver Cabell and Uncrate, a publication and buyer’s guide targeted at men. The Uncrate shoe features a similar frame and design as other Low 1 shoes, making it equally durable and stylish. The shoe’s most striking feature is its color palette, comprising a clean white body and a solid black back that encompasses the soles.

Where is Oliver Cabell made?

Oliver Cabell is made in Marche, Italy. The brand Oliver Cabell originally began in England, but they base their workshop out of Marche while their other operations take place in the United States. The Marche region has a strong history in shoemaking and maintains a reputation for luxury, Italian shoes. For example, Oliver Cabell uses Margom rubber soles from the region. High-end shoemakers utilize Margom rubber due to its lightweight durability and comfort.

Oliver Cabell sources the rest of its material from Italy as well, working with local factories that meet their Vendor Code of Conduct and employ traditional Italian craftsmanship for their goods. The brand’s partners ethically and sustainably purchase their material as well as follow fair working conditions according to Oliver Cabell’s code of conduct. Oliver Cabell sources the full-grain leather used in sneakers like the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell from a tannery in Vicenza, Italy. The tannery has been creating leather since 1954 and caters to other luxury brands due to its premium products. The Low 1’s cotton laces are also from Italy and are woven to last for years. The emphasis on Italian products captures Oliver Cabell’s goals by allowing the creation of luxury sneakers that take advantage of centuries-old experience for a contemporary yet durable shoe.

Who is Oliver Cabell’s target audience?

Oliver Cabell’s target audience is primarily men. The brand’s focus is on men’s products because the men’s collection is larger than that of women’s. Men’s products from Oliver Cabell include several lines of minimalist sneakers, driving and penny loafers, boots, sliders, jewelry, and clothing. Oliver Cabell provides largely the same shoe models for women but excludes the Court and GAT sneakers that the men’s collection has. There is also no selection of boots or clothing for women. The brand consequently pivots towards men and produces separate visual elements, though some of their Low 1 luxury sneakers designs are unisex. For example, the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe and classic Oliver Cabell white sneakers are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Which shoe brands does Oliver Cabell compete with?

Oliver Cabell competes with shoe brands like Koio and Beckett Simonon. The brands compete with Oliver Cabell due to two major similarities. Firstly, Koio similarly sources its materials from Marche, Italy, and utilizes full-grain calfskin leather in its luxury sneaker line, Capri. A major difference between Koio and Oliver Cabell is that Koio boasts a higher price range and offers wider sizing. Secondly, Beckett Simonon similarly employs Italian leather and traditional craftsmanship for its luxury sneakers, the Reid line. Beckett Simonon and Oliver Cabell contrast because the former only crafts made-to-order shoes, employs traditional Colombian craftsmanship, and features a lower price range than the latter. Beckett Simonon’s selection additionally pivots more towards dress shoes like Derbies or Oxford but maintains a popular line of sneakers.

What are the most popular models of the Low 1 sneaker?

The most popular model of the Low 1 sneaker is the Low 1 White. The Low 1 White is the signature Oliver Cabell white sneaker, featuring the brand’s iconic silhouette and minimalist design. The Low 1 Ocean, Black, and Jet Black are also popular models because they sport solid color palettes and visual elements similar to the white minimalist sneaker. Other popular models—such as the Low 1 Sea Salt, Black Ghost, and Exotic—lack the signature white sneakers’ simplicity. However, the shoe models feature distressed decals, transparent soles, vivacious colors, and other appealing details.

The Uncrate shoe we’ll be reviewing in the following section expands on the visuals of the white Oliver Cabell sneakers. For example, the shoes are solid white with an obsidian heel reminiscent of the Black or Jet Black Low 1s.

First-hand review of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers

Our first-hand review of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers lives up to the brand’s popularity with a few downsides. We examined the design, construction, materials, and style possibilities of the sneakers. The shoe is visually similar to the classic Low 1 White, featuring Oliver Cabell’s signature low-top silhouette, toned-down visual details, and a solid white Margom sole. The two most striking visual elements of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe are its solid black heel and white insole. We found the design appealing as it cuts a tempered balance between minimalist sneakers and contemporary fashion.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 men's sneakers in white
The Uncrate collaboration shoe is another example of Oliver Cabell white sneakers

We noted three important issues with the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1s during our first couple of wears. The first issue we found is that the shoe is designed for narrower feet. We slip nicely into the shoe, but it’s a snug ft nonetheless. We consequently don’t recommend the sneakers for readers with wider feet. The second issue we spotted is that the black heel is painted on so it will wear off over time. There’s no workaround to make up for dulling paint, so we can’t predict how the shoe will look in a few years. The third and most significant issue we uncovered with the Low 1 sneaker is the initial discomfort. It took approximately ten wears to break in the shoes and they soon became comfy and easy to wear. We love the shoes now, but you should wear a bandaid to prevent blistering in a fresh, new pair.

We chalk up Oliver Cabell’s hard-won comfort to the shoe’s durable, high-quality construction. The brand utilizes high-end Italian materials in the creation of its luxury sneakers. For example, the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe —as well as other Low 1 sneakers—uses ethically and sustainably sourced leather from a tannery in Vicenza. The brand’s designers also use esteemed, lightweight, and enduring Margom rubber from Marche, Italy for the sneakers’ soles. Meanwhile, Oliver Cabell crafts the shoes in their workshop in Marche. The Uncrate collaboration sneakers (and other of its design) consequently employ authentic Italian craftsmanship that aims to last. We now appreciate the luxurious feel and enhanced durability of the shoes once broken in.

Styling the shoe is the last aspect we examined. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 is stylistically a minimalist sneaker. The shoe is appropriate for casual, streetwear, contemporary, and some business casual looks due to its toned-down visual elements and neutral color palette. The sneakers are more visually striking than the Low 1 White or the Low 1 Belmont. However, the sneakers won’t clash with most looks. For example, simple blue jeans, toned-up board shorts, or slimming dress trousers won’t outshine or underwhelm the black-and-white sneaker.

What is the sizing on the Oliver Cabell Low 1?

Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneaker men’s size
The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell sneakers’ sizing is available in US, EU, and UK sizes for both men and women

The sizing on the Oliver Cabel Low 1 depends on the model. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell we received is available in US, EU, and UK sizes for both men and women. The US sizes range from 6 to 15 for men and 5 to 13 for women. The EU sizes are 39 to 48 for men and 35 to 43 for women. Meanwhile, UK sizes for the Uncrate collaboration shoes are 5.5 to 14.5 for men and 3.5 to 11.5 for women.

Other popular Oliver Cabell men’s sneakers like the Low 1 White are available for men in one size smaller than the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell shoe. The Uncrate is conversely available in one size larger for women than other models like the Low 1 Ivy or Low 1 Mango. All Low 1 sneakers notably do not offer half sizes for men or women.

How long does the Oliver Cabell Low 1 last?

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 lasts a lifetime according to the brand’s designers. The luxury sneakers feature high-quality leather that will mold to your foot shape, withstand daily activity in urban settings, and resist hits, scratches, and dents. A well-fitting pair of Uncrate x Oliver Cabell’s should therefore last you several years if not decades.

The sneakers are not indestructible, however, so we encourage you to properly maintain your shoes to ensure it lasts for a lifetime. Oliver Cabell provides tips for shoe care on their website. For example, use sneaker brushes to safely remove debris and stains without wearing down the surface of your shoes. You may wash Oliver Cabell’s white sneakers in the washing machine or with baking soda and warm water. We also recommend using shoe trees to retain the form of your shoe and avoid wearing the shoes for strenuous or outdoor activities that might permanently stain or damage your shoes. Oliver Cabell additionally provides (separately purchased) shoe care packages and standalone maintenance items so you can take care of your Low 1 sneakers.

Can I resole Oliver Cabell shoes?

Yes, you can resole some Oliver Cabell shoes but not all. Items like the Chelsea or SB 1 Boots are resoleable because the brand only utilizes stitching on the sole—which is typical for luxury leather boots. However, you can’t resole sneakers like the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell because the designers stitch and glue the sneakers’ Margom outsole to the upper sole. Attempting to resole the sneaker would likely damage the leather and render the shoe unusable. You will have to buy a new pair if you damage your soles or return them if they’re defective. Oliver Cabell also does not offer services to resole its boots. You will have to rely on a third party to resole any boots you purchase.

Can I return Oliver Cabell sneakers?

Yes, you can return Oliver Cabell sneakers as long as you meet three requirements. First, your sneakers must be in good condition so that they can be resold undamaged and visibly unworn. Second, you must return the sneakers in the original packing you received them in. Third, you must notify Oliver Cabell of your return within 30 days after you receive your sneakers. Oliver Cabell will not refund or accept your returned sneakers if these three requirements aren’t met.

Is the Oliver Cabell Low 1 worth it?

Yes, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 is worth it if you’re interested in a minimalist sneaker. We’re foremost impressed by the feel and durability of the shoes. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell collaboration sneaker is a testament to the brand’s promise of luxury and longevity. We appreciate the shoe’s high-quality construction and materials. We especially love how it’s grown to mold our foot shape as high-end leather should.

That said, there are three caveats of the Low 1s you should consider before purchasing. Firstly, the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell and other Low 1s are ideal for narrower feet. You’ll have a hard time finding a comfortable pair if you have broad feet. Secondly, Oliver Cabell doesn’t offer half-sizes for any of its Low 1 models. Buyers who are in-between sizes should either size up or size down. However, there won’t be a perfect middle ground for everyone due to diverse foot shapes. Thirdly, it takes several wears and bandaids to break in the shoes. Expect to experience some discomfort before you learn if the shoe is truly right for you.