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    Superformance MKIII R Cobra
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Superformance MKIII R Cobra


If you’re a Cobra Cultist, your heart will skip a beat or two when you see this one.  Although not built by Shelby, the Superformance MKIII R Cobra has won the endorsement of Carroll Shelby himself.  So how did another manufacturer gain the support of this venerable figure in motorsports?  The Superformance MKIII R Cobra puts a new world of muscle under the classic Cobra shell, using a Roush 427 SR engine capable of 520 horses.  That engine pushes this two-door speedster to a quarter mile in 11.2 seconds, enough to get that skipped heartbeat back on track in a split second.  Johnny Lieberman, a long time Cobra lover, took the Superformance MKIII R Cobra for a spin for Autoblog, and if you share his passion for the Cobra you don’t want to miss his review. [superformance via autoblog, photos by drew phillips]





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