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    T Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio
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T Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio

Japan has a long-standing tradition in architecture that reaches back across a stretch of time only history itself can remember.  These traditions have never been forgotten, born again repeatedly in the work of progressive architects with a strong sense of their cultural foundation.  The  T Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio is a work both modern and traditional, carrying the tiered, pagoda-style influences of times past.  Like the structures from Japan’s past, the T Residence maintains a focus on sustainable style, bringing the world of nature into its forms to merge seamlessly with the environment.  While the lines may be rough and the edges unforgiving, the heart of this home’s design maintains a focus on what made Japanese architecture so vibrant thousands of years ago.  Arigato, Kidosaki… [kidosaki via contemporist]

T Residence Gallery