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Tetra-Shed Prefab Office

Tetrashed Prefab Office 3 Tetra Shed Prefab Office

Usually, the phrase “prefab office” conjures images of mobile homes or rectangular boxes, but that’s not the case with the Tetra-Shed Prefab Office.  This sleek, geometric office is designed for those who work from home but desire to work in both silence and style.  When not in use, the doors and windows of the Tetra-Shed fold into itself to form a fully enclosed structure, one that might appear to be a downed UFO or a religious artifact from the future.  When you’re on the clock, the Tetra-Shed folds open to give you the privacy you need to get your work done in what might be the coolest prefab office ever built.  Whenever you tell your friends and family that it’s time to “go to work”, they’ll scratch their heads about your ear-to-ear grin…  [if you dig this sort of thing, be sure to check out TheCoolist’s feature article on office design excellence]

Tetrashed Prefab Office 1 Tetra Shed Prefab Office

Tetra-Shed Prefab Office Gallery

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