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    The Bandit9 Bishop: This Modern Motorcycle Might as Well Be a Work of Sculptural Art
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The Bandit9 Bishop: This Modern Motorcycle Might as Well Be a Work of Sculptural Art

Is it a motorcycle, or is it sculpture? I’ve been wondering since we first teased this beauty last August. The answer is both, of course. The Bandit9 Bishop was officially released this week, ready for 9 lucky buyers from around the world. It’s the latest work from Daryl Villanueva and the crew at Bandit9, quite possibly TheCoolist’s favorite motorcycle design company on the planet.

What makes the Bandit9 Bishop so special? First, the design. It sports a high grade steel unibody with wood veneer panels and a tightly-knit leather seat. This blend of steel, wood and leather presents a character that is sleek, classy, minimal and natural all at once. As I mentioned in the opening, it’s as much a work of sculpture as it is a motorcycle. It looks like it belongs as a release at Milan Design Week, a refined piece of functional art that inspires both wonder and lust in the onlooker.

The second point of specialty about the Bandit9 Bishop is its source. It’s a tire to gas cap rebuild of a 125cc Honda SuperSport. That venerable bike and the Bishop are nearly indistinguishable. Unless you squint. Hard. But the heartbeat remains the same. The Bandit9 Bishop features a 125cc heartbeat, and that’s especially relevant to city drivers like me. I much prefer two wheels to four, and I love small engines. 125cc’s is enough to compete with anyone else on the road in a tight city grid, and this bike will barely sip fuel in the process.

It’s sculptural, but functional. It’s the perfect city bike, with one exception. You’re never going to want to park this beauty anywhere other than your own private garage. It’s just too rare and too beautiful to leave outside the office, the pub or the corner store. If you could drive the Statue of David, you wouldn’t leave it outside either.

Daryl V and the crew have officially released the Bandit9 Bishop this week, and it’s available for as little as $7,400. That’s a steal. And the first 9 to buy are the only people that get to take one home. So hurry.

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