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The Encanto Hotel – Acapulco

The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 18

The Encanto Hotel located in Acapulco, Mexico resides on the tropical bay of Puerto Marqués. This stylish and modern luxury hotel is the work of architect Miguel Angel Antones. Its captivating stark white and planar form creates a soothing and relaxing space within the natural, tranquil environment. Perfect views of the Pacific Ocean and glimmering city lights of Acapulco are just some of the perks of visiting this premier getaway. Privacy is of paramount importance and ensured in the 44 suites, most of which are topped off with private pools. Geometric lines and contemporary edge give this Mexican oasis its elegance and luxurious charm. [via yatzer]

The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 10 The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 9 The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 3 The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 13 The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 4 The-Encanto-Hotel-by-Miguel-Angel-Aragones-Acapulco-Mexico-architecture 16

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