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The Evans House Los Angeles


The Evans House is the latest edition to the Crestwood Hills neighborhood, a modernist community perched above the Los Angeles valley.  Designed by BittoniDesignStudios, the Evans House was a remodel project of an existing modern home that warranted a contemporary upgrade.  The lot itself is a work of art– Bittoni and crew devised the structure to face the sky, with the rolling clouds and colorful sunsets providing the paint to the home’s stark white canvas.

As part of the remodel, the architects cut into the ceiling above the kitchen to extend to the top of the second floor.  The goal was to make the kitchen a more social environment, and give the private top level a view down into the home below.  The rest of the home is contemporary and stunning, but instead of describing the details, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy…  [bittonidesignstudio via archdaily, photos by eric staudenmaier]




Evans House Los Angeles Gallery