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    The Guaruja House by Bernardes Jacobsen
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The Guaruja House by Bernardes Jacobsen


Brazilian architect Bernardes Jacobsen has completed his most recent work, a stunning vacation home in Guaruja Beach, Brazil.  The plot itself provides all the magic and allure of natural Brazil, with a bright azure sea at the foot of the property’s untouched terrain.  The structure of the Guaruja House is built upon five beams, supporting the living, dining, sitting and bedrooms within its walls– as well as a canopy sheltering its inner patio.  This patio extends into a wide open deck with a long lap pool and a brilliant view of one of Brazil’s most natural beaches.  If this is only the client’s vacation home, we wonder what their primary residence looks like…  [bernardes jacobsen via archdaily, images by leonardo finotti]






Guaruja House Gallery: