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The Lotus Exige Scura


A few weeks after the announcement of the Lotus Exige S240, the British car manufacturer has revealed the limited edition Lotus Exige Scura.  ‘Scura’, the Italian word for ‘dark’, has been applied to the mark to describe its pitch black aesthetic from grille to exhaust.  The Lotus Exige Scura is powered by a tweaked version of Lotus‘s signature supercharged 4-cylinder, boosting this one to 260hp.  That puts this one in a tight category of 4-cylinder sports cars capable of 0-60 take-off times of 4 seconds flat or less.  While that might be fast, you’ll need to move faster to get one of your own.  There are only 35 of the Lotus Exige Scura units in production, going for roughly $74,000 each in Europe.



Lotus Exige Scura Gallery