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    The POD Hotel – Singapore
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The POD Hotel – Singapore

The pod-style hotel is the hottest trend in contemporary travel, providing convenience and style in hip locations without a hefty price tag.  Singapore is now home to the youngest pod hotel on the market, the aptly named The POD.  The POD features 83 capsule-style rooms in a high-design environment created by Formwerkz Architects.  These mini-rooms each feature a bed, a reading light, a fold-out table and a nearby locker for storing personal items and luggage.  They range in size from a single bed, a double bed or a queen, and The POD also provides female-only pods for the lady traveler.  The pods are arranged within larger rooms, and each pod separates from the rest with a privacy screen at its end.  Beyond each pod, adjoined rooms feature shared bathrooms and the run of the hotel provides lounge spaces, a pantry, laundry facilities and more.

Pod bedrooms at The POD in Singapore start at around $53, and rates increase based on date ranges and the size of the pod you book.  We’re excited that the pod hotel trend continues to catch on, as the costs of travel can be too high a burden even for the middle class traveler.  Kudos to The POD and Formwerkz Architects, we hope to see more like this in the future.  [via notcot]




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