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TheCoolist’s Mike Payne Profiled on MyModernMet

Our friends at MyModernMet invited us to take part in a new series of interviews which they’ve titled Content Curators.   MyModernMet is profiling the trend-setters behind influential websites, and TheCoolist’s Mike Payne is honored to be the first.  Get to know more about the inner workings of TheCoolist in this two-part interview series.  Special thanks to Alice Yoo, Eugene Kim and the crew at MyModernMet for inviting us to chat.  If you’re new to MyModernMet, be sure to pay them a visit– but first, check out part one and part two of MMM’s inaugural Content Curators interview with Mike Payne.  Here’s an excerpt below to whet your apetite!

Why did you start TheCoolist?

TheCoolist is the culmination of my own creative spirit, a central point of focus where I can share the works of human culture that I find truly amazing. “Design” is the lifeblood of TheCoolist, but I feel that word is a bit too limited to truly express just how amazing and dynamic human creation can be. “Cool” is a long-standing term used to describe things that are cutting edge, inspiring and lust-worthy. On TheCoolist, we study cool. Hence– The Cool “ist”.