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This Week on ThreadSpot: Kosi Kosi, T-Post and Jean Paul Gaultier

Last week, our men’s fashion and streetwear magazine saw a flurry of news after a short bout of dormancy.  Long before TheCoolist was launched, we ran a t-shirt and streetwear magazine at ThreadSpot that has gone through various stages of life.  She’s back in action now and with a familiar face, the same sexy format you’ve grown accustomed to here at TheCoolist.  Head on over to Threadspot and check things out, but for now, here are six of the top mens fashion items from the last week.  (oh, and ladies, worry not– we’ve got a womens fashion magazine on the way that should hit some time next month!)

The T-Post 3D Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt

See that ghostly hand on the t-shirt to the right?  When you wear this t-shirt in front of your webcam, a game on the T-Post website will show a hand popping out of your shirt that’ll challenge you to a classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  T-Post Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt.

Jean Paul Gaultier Revamps Classic Levi 501 Jeans

Jean Paul Gaultier x Levi 501 Jeans.

Tiger Woods Just Did It T-Shirt

Tiger Woods T-Shirt by 8031 Clothing.

Kosi Kosi T-Shirts Autumn/Winter 2010

Kosi Kosi T-Shirts for Autumn/Winter 2010.

The LightSaver T-Shirt at Threadless

The LightSaver T-Shirt at Threadless by Matthijs Smit.

Party Like Its 2012 T-Shirt by BustedTees

Party Like Its 2012 T-Shirt by BustedTees.