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    Thrive Motorcycles XS650
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Thrive Motorcycles XS650

A 45-year-old Yamaha motorcycle has been re-envisioned into a modern cruiser with industrial-era design roots.  The Thrive Motorcycles XS650 is a devastatingly handsome design, with an unlikely inspiration taken from the wood-burning stoves of the turn of the last century.  The flat black bodywork is smoky in appearance, it is accented with copper and brass elements, and it is built around an updated and tweaked Yamaha XS650 from 1968.

The bodywork and engineering on the Thrive Motorcycles version of the XS650 was all performed by hand over a two-month period.  The bike was sourced, stripped and re-imagined from the ground up.  The result is visual candy, elegant from front to back, with careful design decisions taking shape in all the right places.  We’re suckers for the angles and attitude of the gas tank, the leather handlebars and throne, the chrome character of the engine and the gold chain doing the heavy lifting in the back.

This bike needs to be in our garage, and if you feel the same, keep your eye on Thrive Motorcycles for more… [photos by lennard schuurmans, via knstrct]

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