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This Graphic Designer’s Motorcycle is Unlike Any Other

The daily commute has to be a genuine pleasure for this graphic designer. The Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross is a one-of-a-kind custom build based on the 2008 Yamaha Scorpio. It was completely re-designed by Thrive Motorcycles in Jakarta, a design that bears no trace of the original. It’s a visual work of art that is perfectly suited to its forward-thinking rider, the ultimate graphic designer’s motorcycle.

The Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross began by completely stripping the Scorpio down to its core. A new subframe was designed from the ground up to support the horizontal grid body. Its shapes are boxy, but softened on the edges with smooth curves.  The front “box” encapsulates the top of the fork and the break/accelerator lines, housing a pair of headlights in the front. The whole body volume is a series of softened rectangular shapes that provide their own function to the bike. From the headlight to the gas tank to the seat, everything in its place.

This isn’t the first bike by Thrive Motorcycles that we’ve fallen in love with. The equally-spectacular Thrive Motorcycles XS650 is another work of vehicular art. The T005 Cross, however, shares much less with a traditional motorcycle in spirit. There’s something unique, almost robotic about the T005 Cross that has us spellbound. It feels like the bike of the future, a custom motorcycle that has an identity of its own and could possibly pilot itself without a rider. How cool would that be?

Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross Yamaha Scorpio Custom 3 Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross Yamaha Scorpio Custom 4 Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross Yamaha Scorpio Custom 7 Thrive Motorcycles T005 Cross Yamaha Scorpio Custom 2

Thrive Motorcycles Yamaha Scorpio “T005 Cross” | Gallery

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  1. Thanks for the photo, but I’ll stick with my normal looking bike. That’s a bit too much. Gimme a /7 BMW 750 or 900, a 69′ Triumph 650, or a Norton featherbed 750 any time. These modern motorcycles don’t look like motorcycles.