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    Tony Orrico Performance Drawing
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Tony Orrico Performance Drawing

In the work of artist Tony Orrico, the journey to the final image is as celebrated as its result.  Orrico blends fine art and performance art in a process that begins with a dance and ends with an abstract illustration.  In his work, Tony’s body is his instrument.  With a pair of pencils and a blank canvas, Tony uses the symmetry of the human form to replicate itself on paper.

While the final image can be stunning, the process must be seen to be understood.  To craft these images, Orrico lays prone on his canvas, arms outstretched with a pencil in each hand.  He rotates his body in full circles while he moves his arms in a range of patterns, many inspired by his surroundings.  For his exhibition at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., Orrico dedicated each of eight chained circles to a different discipline of science, as explained in the video below.

Orrico has been most active over the last two years, and his gallery exhibitions are growing in number.  Expect to see more of Tony Orrico in the years ahead, as his fresh and very new brand of art takes its place in modern art culture.

Tony Orrico Art Gallery

Photography by Michael Hart

Tony Orrico Performance Video

Tony Orrico Interview