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    Tree Top Walkway – Bavarian Forest
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Tree Top Walkway – Bavarian Forest

44 meters above the forest floor in the Bavarian National Forest, a massive, winding treetop walkway approaches its peak.  This wooden work of sculptural architecture spins upon itself to rise over the 38-meter fir trees that grow from its base.  From the top, the views over the green forests of Neuschonau, Germany are unparalleled, as no other man-made object rises to this height in its vicinity.  Guests are welcomed to climb the winding structure to enjoy the 360-degree view, a panorama accessible by foot and wheelchair alike.  Its design is skeletal and egg-shaped, inspired by the world of nature that can be found nearby in these forests in Bavaria. [via designboom]

Tree Top Walkway – Bavarian Forest | Gallery