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    Terrific Treehouses: 10 Brilliant Topiary Masterpieces
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Terrific Treehouses: 10 Brilliant Topiary Masterpieces


It’s inescapable– the urge to walk away from our civilized lives and find peace in nature.  For every cubicle and cookie cutter suburb, there’s a man or a woman who desires for an escape to our natural roots.  Treehouse living has been the dream of many since childhood, and to celebrate our drive to escape here are 10 of the very best treehouses in the modern world.

02 Sustainability Treehouse


Looking to elevate your living a bit?  02 Sustainability might have the answer.  This Minneapolis-based architecture firm creates a range of treehouse options that shine in their geometric glory.  Built with a metal frame, plywood floor and canvas shell, the 02 Sustainability Treehouses are a solid temporary-term option to canopy-level living. [link]

02 Sustainability Treehouse Gallery

02sustainability-treehouse_3 02sustainability-treehouse_2 02sustainability-treehouse_1

4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos


The 4TREEHOUSE treetop dwelling by Lukasz Kos is as much modern as it is natural.  Featuring a few cutting edge architectural facets available today, like slatted wood privacy shutters and cascading lighting effects, 4TREEHOUSE is where the Gehry’s and the Wrights of the treehouse world might reside.  Additionally, the slatted siding provides plenty of protection, both in and out, from falling to the ground below. [link]

4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos Gallery

4treehouse_2 4treehouse_3 4treehouse_1

Peter Frazier’s Treetop Office


If you really want to escape the rat race, here is the office for you.  Can you imagine this daily commute?  Leave the city, drive until the trees outnumber the houses, you’ve got the perfect spot to build your business– that is, as long as your business is tele-mobile.  This Treetop Office is the daytime dwelling of Peter Frazier, a man who got fed up with the habits of the urban working world.  Do you blame him for choosing this as his office? [link]

Peter Frazier’s Treetop Office Gallery

treetop-office_2 treetop-office_3 treetop-office_1

Baumraum Treehouses


When it comes to modern treehouses, there is no name more respected than Baumraum.  Baumraum Treehouses span a wide range of styles and designs, but the one shown here is amongst their most progressive.  This angular arboreal architecture is comprised of a wooden frame and wall structure and long glass windows that create a unique new style of treehouse.  Have you seen one more modern than this?  [link]

Baumraum Treehouse Gallery

baumraum-treehouse_3 baumraum-treehouse_2 baumraum-treehouse_1

Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel


Looking to take a relaxing vacation in the woods… and not be spotted by a soul?  Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel can give you the privacy you need, plus the greatest canopy-level view the woods can offer.  If you’re walking below this one unawares, you might miss in completely.  That is the special character this treehouse provides… [link]

Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel Gallery

harads-tree-hotel_3 harads-tree-hotel_2 harads-tree-hotel_1

Growing Tree Architecture


As the trees on this treehouse grow, its structure grows stronger.  Ever seen a tree grow over a fence, wrap around a power line or otherwise?  These artificially-selected trees are designed to bolster and support the structure of this treetop building.  Over time, this home will become stronger and stronger, as will the trees that have been born as its frame. [link]

Growing Tree Architecture Gallery

growing-tree-architecture_3 growing-tree-architecture_2 growing-tree-architecture_1

Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses


Sharing a bit of inspiration with the triangular-fashioned 02 Sensability Treehouse above, the Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses are among this list’s most unique.  These floating forest forms can house a small family for long weekends and provide a comfortable retreat from urban living.  Just choose your spot, pick up a Free Spirit Sphere and hoist it high in the sky.  You’ve got a cabin like none other.  [link]

Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses Gallery

free-spirit-spheres-treehouses_2 free-spirit-spheres-treehouses_3 free-spirit-spheres-treehouses_1

Alnwick Gardens Treehouse


Does the Alnwick Gardens Treehouse look a bit disconnected from the rest of this list?  It may not be as contemporary as the others, but this Alnwick Treehouse has a size advantage over any you may ever set foot in.  This hardwood colossus could provide shelter for countless travelers, and an experience none of them will forget.  Don’t get lost in this one, it may be the largest treehouse ever created. [link]

Alnwick Gardens Treehouse Gallery

alnwick-gardens-treehouse_2 alnwick-gardens-treehouse_3 alnwick-gardens-treehouse_1

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant


Do you prefer outdoor seating?  This treehouse restaurant may be the ultimate destination in that regard.  The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand features all the style and circumstance of the city, but with the lavish location that only the forest can provide.  Enjoy your five star meal while the music of the forest provides your soundtrack. [link]

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Gallery

yellow-treehouse-restaurant_3 yellow-treehouse-restaurant_2 yellow-treehouse-restaurant_1

Joel Sherman Steel Tree House


Wait a minute, a steel treehouse?  That doesn’t quite fit.  If you look at  Joel Sherman’s Steel Tree House, however, you’re sold on its uniquity.  This steel-beamed stilt home shows what could be created if trees were out of the equation.  While there may be many high structure homes of the sort, Joel Sherman’s project shows what could be for high elevation architecture without the use of trees.  Let’s hope it never comes to that!

Joel Sherman’s Steel Tree House Gallery

joel-sherman-steel-treehouse_3 joel-sherman-steel-treehouse_2 joel-sherman-steel-treehouse_1

So what is your favorite?  We’re a bit partial to the 02 Sustainability and Yellow Treehouse restaurant builds, but we’re more interested in your opinion.  Share your thoughts in the comments, and if you’ve spotted any that we should have included here, let us know.  In the mean time, check out these other great TheCoolist features!

  1. It’s inescapable– the urge to walk away from our civilized lives and find peace in nature. For every cubicle and cookie cutter suburb, there’s a man or a woman who desires for an escape to our natural roots. Treehouse living has been the dream of many since childhood, and to celebrate our drive to escape here are 10 of the very best treehouses in the modern world. – See more at: