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TRETTITRE Speaker Review: Firsthand Impressions of the Tresound1

The TRETTITRE speaker TreSound1 is a high-fidelity omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker with a striking conical shape. The unique design of this beautiful Trettire speaker takes inspiration from the way light reflects off distant mountains (both in terms of visual design and audio production). TreSound1 features a booming subwoofer in the wide base, which creates a solid sonic and aesthetic foundation for the twin pairs of full-frequency speakers and tweeters arranged around its conical peak. Trettire’s luxurious speakers are thus designed to produce a balanced 360° surround sound, with the goal of making the TreSound1 an attractive decor centerpiece as well as the life of the party.

TRETTITRE Speaker TreSound1 Review
A firsthand TRETTITRE speaker review of the TreSound1

Taste is subjective, but it is undeniable that TreSound1’s unique aesthetic and stereoscopic profile make it stand out from more traditional Bluetooth speakers–at least on paper. However, these features come at a hefty price tag that may give both casual listeners and audiophiles alike pause. So, we decided to get our hands on a TRETTITRE TreSound1 of our very own and review its lofty claims against reality. Below, we examine critical factors such as volume, balance, EQ, aesthetic and design choices, and how well the TreSound1 serves in its intended use-case overall.

What is the TRETTITRE TreSound1 Speaker?

The TRETTITRE TreSound1 is a cone-shaped, Bluetooth-enabled table speaker that stands out with its unique conical design. The TreSound1 speaker was crafted specifically to stand out, exuding an inviting elegance tinged with art-deco stylings. TRETTITRE has a history of bold designs, and the ambitious Tresound1 is the company’s flagship Bluetooth speaker.

Trettitre’s beautiful speakers come in four attractive colors: Snow Peak (white), Majestic Mountain (black), Flame Red, and Green Hill, all featuring a unique glossy “piano paint finish.” The TreSound1 speaker has two distinct visual texture cues. The bottom half is polished, and the top half includes a metal mesh that covers the tweeters and speakers. This stylish 304 stainless steel mesh protects the speakers while allowing the sound to emanate in 360° sound unhampered.  

The TreSound1 stands 16.9 inches tall with a base that is 11.81 inches wide, and an overall weight of 13.22 pounds. It’s not the largest Bluetooth speaker on the market, but it’s still bulky enough to consider where it will go before you buy it. One of the features of the TreSound1 that we like is the LED white light ring at the bottom. We would have preferred programmable RGB lights, but the soft white nevertheless adds an elegant touch to the speaker as well as the ambiance of the room.

How does the TreSound1’s conical design work?

The TRETTITRE TreSound1’s conical design is critical for shaping its sound quality and lending the speaker’s distinct look. The TreSound1 produces sound in a 360° pattern, providing a consistent listening experience no matter where the listener is positioned. Within the TreSound1’s conical chassis lies three distinct compartments which are designed to physically isolate the high, mid, and low frequencies for improved definition throughout the speaker’s range. The speaker’s 6.25” subwoofer points downwards and uses the table it sits upon as a resonant surface to produce a better bass response than its small speaker would suggest. Additionally, there is a bass reflex port to prevent wave attenuation and acoustic short circuits (essentially, where sound waves clash and cancel each other out).

TRETTITRE Bluetooth Speaker
The TreSound1 omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker is steeped in luxury craftsmanship

Equally important to the speaker’s sound is Trettitre’s use of acoustic tonewood. The manufacturer isn’t specific about which woods it uses, but TRETTITRE cites its usage of dense woods from the Nordic mountains. Our best guess is that the TreSound1 uses alder or oak, which is French-polished using the same method used to finish pianos. The choice of wood and finish is critical to the quality of fine musical instruments like violins and guitars, and TRETTITRE clearly spared no expense in getting the acoustic properties just right in their TreSound1.

How do TRETTITRE Bluetooth speakers sound?

TRETTITRE Bluetooth Speakers sound clear with a lush mid-range, airy trebles, and booming bass. The TRETTITRE TreSound1 has a top-notch HiFi audio quality that melds high, middle, and low frequencies to achieve a pleasant listening experience. Firstly, high-frequency sounds flow from the peak of the mountainous speaker with clarity. The TRETTITRE TreSound1 speaker’s treble is bright and the full-range drivers keep higher frequencies crisp, however, high-frequency audio becomes airy as the volume increases. Secondly, the TRETTITRE TreSound1 produces rich mid-range audio that complements live instrumentals. The TreSound1 transmits 24bit/96kHz audio which allows for HiFi definition to shine through with a plethora of music styles. The mid-range is essential for 3-way speakers to accurately reproduce all the details, such as vocals, and reduce distortion across the high, mid, and low frequencies. The result is an improved transient response, making the sound produced by the TreSound1 more accurate, vivid, and a more immersive musical experience. Thirdly, the TreSound1 speaker sounds powerful because the system boasts a 5.25-inch subwoofer and the speaker produces low frequencies up to 20Hz. Heavy electronic bass and improperly balanced music will cause distortion and powerful vibrations.

TRETTITRE speakers produce high-quality sound but the location of the speaker is crucial. For example, the speaker must be centrally located to get the most out of the 360° audio output. A speaker that’s placed in the center of a room will properly fill the room with sound. You won’t benefit from the audio effect of a TRETTITRE speaker if it’s left in the corner or against a wall. Additionally, the speaker has a large base and needs a solid surface to rest upon. Turning up low-frequency beats will interfere with your listening experience by causing objects or lightweight furniture to vibrate. TRETTITRE TreSound1 speakers sound more defined than other Bluetooth speakers on the market and you can enjoy a full range of music and a sleek design.

How much volume does TreSound1 produce?

TreSound 1 produces considerable volume with a 2×15-watt plus a 30-watt class-D amplifiers. The combined 60 watts is plenty for comfortable listening in the home or office. Additionally, the volume level is high enough to enjoy films with booming effects and is loud enough for a small outdoor event (it is not a waterproof speaker, however, so don’t leave it in the rain). The ample power from the amps brings the speaker to life without turning the volume past 50%.

What are the specifications of the TreSound1?

Below is a list of the TreSound1 speaker’s hardware specifications.

  • Input: DC 24V 2.7A
  • Output Power: 2×15W + 1×30W
  • Frequency Response: 38Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Bluetooth: Up to 24-bit wireless @ 96kHz via Qualcomm CSR 5.1 aptX, aptX HD, AAC, SBC
  • AUX Port: 3.5mm audio interface
  • Tweeter: Two 1.25″ silk film neodymium magnetic tweeters
  • Full-frequency: Two 2.25″ full-frequency speakers
  • Subwoofer: 5.25″ downward-facing subwoofer
  • Power Amplifier Chip: Class D power amplifier / ST chip
  • Size: 11.8 ” W × 11.8” D × 16.9” H
  • Material: Nordic tonewood and metal
  • Net Weight: 13.22 pounds

The TreSound1 specifications are user-friendly and minimalist while boasting top-quality materials imperative for high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers. TreSound1’s switch, Bluetooth indicator light, and volume control are in the “mountain power on” at the peak of the conical speaker. Twisting below the Bluetooth indicator light will activate the speaker, and rotating the controller will control the volume. These beautiful speakers from Trettritre emanate a ring of ambient low-level LED light from the base, creating an illusion of a floating conical mountain. 

TreSound1 is equipped with Qualcomm CSR aptX Bluetooth 5.1 connection technology, allowing for the speedy and reliable transmission of 24bit/96kHz high-fidelity audio. Bluetooth 5.1 removes barriers that prevent traditional high-fidelity speakers from reaching their full potential and allows for a 3.5mm audio cable connection. The TreSound1 speaker has a powerful bass, which intensifies because of a thicker, foam edge and two-layer paper cone that produces lower frequencies ranging to 20Hz.

What is the TreSound1 best used for?

The TreSound1 is best used for listening to high-fidelity music in your home, office, or small party. The 360° range of the TreSound1 Hi Fidelity Bluetooth speaker is more than enough for listening around the house. You can crank the TreSound1 up while you’re watching a movie or playing video games, and it’s loud enough to drown out the outside world if you’re outside.

Beautiful speakers from Trettitre
This TRETTITRE speaker is an attractive centerpiece with 360° HD sound

Below are the 6 best uses for the TreSound1 Bluetooth speaker.

  • Listening to music: TRETTITRE TreSound1 produces high-quality audio, perfect for your home and office.
  • Parties: The TreSound1 is a useful speaker to have at a party or in the garden when you have people milling around in different places.
  • Watching movies or TV shows: The TreSound1 delivers clear and crisp sound for an optimal viewing experience.
  • Gaming: TreSound1 provides a truly immersive audio experience when connected to gaming devices.
  • Conference Calls: The Tresound1 speaker offers excellent audio quality for both the speaker and listener during conference calls or video meetings.
  • Outdoor Activities: TreSound1’s portable design makes it ideal for outdoor activities, providing great sound without the need for electricity.

Is the TRETTITRE TreSound1 a high fidelity Bluetooth speaker for audiophiles?

Yes, the TRETTITRE TreSound1 is a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker for audiophiles who want to add an unconventional design to their collection. TRETTITRE isn’t trying to replace dedicated 7.1 surround sound systems, but augment the audiophile’s toolkit in a visually stunning way. The TreSound1’s 360° surround sound is something of a misnomer, as it describes omnidirectional sound rather than the hyper-modern spatial audio systems that virtually place listeners in the middle of an orchestra. It fills its niche with style, but the most demanding audio aficionados won’t appreciate the lack of hardware EQ, deep bass distortion, or the occasionally brassy high end. The Tresound1’s best use-case is as a decorative centerpiece for entertaining or filling a larger room with sound.

What are the pros and cons of the TRETTITRE speaker?

Below is a table of the pros and cons of the TreSound1 high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker.

TRETTITRE TreSound1 High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker

  • Unique, eye-catching design that doubles as modern art
  • Modern design might not complement everybody’s taste
  • User-friendly control scheme
  • Size might be too bulky for some surfaces
  • French-polished tonewood chassis
  • Pricey
  • No visible plastic
  • Glossy exterior shows fingerprints
  • Ambient low-light LED light ring
  • AC adaptor is clunky
  • Solid bass performance
  • AC cable is difficult to remove
  • Rich, 360-degree omnidirectional sound with plenty of volume
  • Lack of EQ controls
  • High dynamic range
  • Bluetooth 5.1 + auxiliary port

Conclusion: Is TRETTITRE TreSound1 worth it?

Yes, the TRETTITRE TreSound1 is worth it as a complement to a dedicated Hi-Fi stereo system and as an attractive centerpiece. The TreSound1’s omnidirectional sound is great for what it is, with ample power and definition to satisfy a room full of guests. Modern Bluetooth codecs allow for quick connection, low latency, and high definition audio transmission. Audiophiles will find nitpicks in the bass distortion and lack of an equalizer to iron out the mid-high balance, but the TreSound1 fills its niche with panache. The TreSound1 exudes craftsmanship and thoughtful design reminiscent of art-deco masterpieces. Its brushed stainless mesh speaker coverings meld organically into premium Nordic tonewoods that have been French polished to a piano-like finish.

Trettitre’s high price tag certainly invites scrutiny, but in our opinion to overly fixate on the TreSound’s minor audio shortcomings is to miss the point. The TreSound1 is a bold statement of industrial art that foregrounds considerate craftsmanship and premium materials in order to occupy its role as a stylish entertainment centerpiece. Within this context, this unique TRETTITRE speaker justifies its price tag to amateur audiophiles looking for something a little different than the rest.

What do you think of the unconventional modern design and the unique 360° output? Let us know your opinion of the TRETTITRE TreSound1 in the comments below.