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5 Gorgeous Miami Condos Designed for Ultra-Modern Living (Florida Reborn)

Florida has an undeserved reputation as being a place of oddities. It’s also been mislabeled as the retirement capital of the United States. Both of these tired tropes actually went out of style with Y2K scares, but people seem to fail to notice how urbane parts of the state has become.

Some of the finest minds in interior decorating, architecture, planning, and development have slid down to the Sunshine State to ply their trade on the swampy lands where it’s needed most. Beginning in Miami, these people have helped instill lasting changes that is turning Florida into a premium place to live.

Amazing Miami Condos with Great Designs

We’ve dubbed this 180-degree change the “Miami Renaissance,” and nowhere is it more evident than in the building of these 5 gorgeous condos made for supreme luxury existence on the coast.

1. GRAN PARAISO by Piero Lissoni

gran-paraiso-1 - miami condo

Location: 660 Northeast 31st Street Miami, FL 33137

In close proximity to the Wynwood Art District and Midtown shopping, Gran Paraiso will be completed where art and commerce comingle happily. Waterfront views are just the beginning, as master chef Michael Schwartz will also be using Gran Paraiso as the base for a beach club and restaurant, where quality and comfort can be had by all.

Lissoni’s Vision

Italian architect Piero Lissoni has brought the timeless feel and incomparable refinement of Da Vinci’s homeland into the 21st century. Floor to ceiling windows let the light pour in, with glass railings that refuse to obscure the view. The feel is contemporary intermixed with natural, allowing the beauty outside to complete the beauty inside.

Brilliance Attracts Same

A building is nothing but brick and mortar if it isn’t also inhabited by the works of other fine minds. The exclusive, refined Beach Club of Michael Schwartz promises to be casually elegant, providing residents and their guests with culinary delights both local and exotic. Set right on Biscayne Bay, it’s an experience not to be missed.

Aside from the food, residents can expect to be treated to unique artwork from abstract creator Pablo Atchugarry. Delicate sculptures made during spiritual reflection invite others to contemplate life, or simply enjoy it. Derived from largely Latin influences, they adorn Lissoni’s creation seamlessly.

For the finishing touch, Enzo Enea designed the terraces and gardens of Gran Paraiso, creating inviting areas to read, ponder, or merely languish in the sea breeze. His landscaping is beyond compare, and it resonates in every shrub.


paramont-bay-4 - miami condo

Location: 2020 North Bayshore Drive Miami, FL 33137

Rock god Lenny Kravitz imagined Paramount Bay, but the reality is even more stunning than the musician turned actor turned designer could have predicted. Able to be both deep in the heart of the Miami scene, yet far enough removed that it provides sanctuary when the drinking, dancing, and carousing are done. Sitting at point where Miami Beach, the Wynwood Arts District, Downtown, and the Design District intersect, it’s near to everything, yet as tranquil as a Zen monk so you can drop the hectic world at the door.

Dialed In

The condos at Paramount Bay each bear an iPad wired directly into the amenities of the residence, permitting seamless integration with not only the home, but the community at large. Accessible via any mobile device, from the iPhone to Androids, it’s an easy thing to hook right onto the grid for total control, zero technical know-how required. All life is but a swipe and tap away.

Live Large

Part of the Biscayne Corridor, Paramount Bay is steps from the finest in shopping, dining, dancing, and relaxing with the crystal clear, blue-green waters of the bay. Rising into the sky thanks to the genius of award-winning Arquitectonica, it’s the home most can only dream of.


jade-brickell-4 - miami condo

Location: 1331 Brickell Bay Dr Miami, FL 33131

Rather than simply relaxing by the tide, letting life slip away, Jade Brickell is built for people who want to go where the money is. Set into the core of the Brickell Financial District, Jade’s meant to help sharks hunt. A skyscraper of modern refinement, the hard, predatory, opulent exterior gives way to comfort and luxury inside. Running from bay lofts to penthouses, as well as suites with 9-foot ceilings, there’s little need to ever leave the comforts of home.

At Your Fingertips

Rather than attempting to drop you right in the middle of the action, the community at Jade Brickell brings the action to you. A fully equipped European spa is staffed by elite personnel ready to cater to your every whim. Touch-screen systems permit you to interface with your environment like a true lady or lord of the manor, sending out mandates to your digital attendants, ready to scatter at your bidding. It’s a private staff without the difficulties.

All In

A full business center offers the hedge fund manager a place to meet with their clients, or entertain them at the edge pool for a mixture of business and pleasure. A library offers a place of quiet rumination, and a rooftop sky lounge presents a unique opportunity to mingle, or find solitude as you wish.


marina-palms-4 - miami condo

Location: 17201 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, Florida, 33160

The yacht club became an endangered species when the bankers tanked the economy with unconscionable loan and mortgage practices. Now that the financial world is back on track, the yacht has been revived and reimagined, now with clubs that are also residences. Those who wish to live a life of well-deserved luxury can rest easy where the land meets the sea.

A Pirate’s Life

Forget about the coastal hideaways of the rum runners, Marina Palms is where to go when you need to keep your vessel close at hand in a private marina, but also want to be able to work out the kinks in your sea legs. Every kind of boating adventure or water sport you can dream up sits right out the door, handled by expert staffers who keep the beaches safe and the waves enjoyable.

Hand and Foot

Life on the high seas is tough on a captain, and when coming into port, it’s important that they be pampered. Butler service is available, as is a fully equipped sauna, spa, and private treatment rooms. Exercise can be taken at the included gym, along with yoga classes for those who need to get their chakras aligned. It’s enough to make any salty dog give it all up for landfall…almost.


the-ivy (2) - miami condo

Location: 90 SW 3 Street, Miami, FL, 33130

Though priced for the young professional still making their bones, The Ivy has loads to offer families, and has managed to design imperial living for a relative pauper’s price. Those in the architectural know will recognize the designers, Revuelta, Vega, and Leon, who devised this piece of property as the affordable option for those on the fast track to bigger and better things. Concierge, dry cleaning, a riverwalk, full salon, tennis center, and even a dog park make The Ivy its own small town, complete with riverfront dining that’s casually succulent.

Finishing Touches

Luxury is found in the little things more than the grand gestures, but The Ivy manages to cover both. Sunshine dumps in through the floor-to-ceiling windows with glass railings to keep your views intact. Walk-in closets and European cabinetry make everything feel homey even as stainless steel appliances create a modern atmosphere for the serious home-grown gourmet. You’ll notice each fixture is designer made, offering the perfect cherry on top.

On The Grid

Touchscreen panels help make this smart building ever more accessible for those who seek greater convenience and ease in the their lives. Wireless internet is always on the menu and easily reached from anywhere you may roam, from the deli to the child-care center.