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This Cool Concrete Cavern is an Exclusive Clubhouse in Istanbul

A large, exclusive residential complex in Istanbul, Turkey now boasts this one-of-a-kind clubhouse. The Ulus Savoy Clubhouse looks like the kind of place the rest of us will be gathering in 2040. It features sharp, angular planes and bold, nude concrete on its cavernous ceiling. It isn’t the work of Gehry or Ingels or Hadid, but an award-winning interior architecture firm called Autoban.

The Ulus Savoy community features 300+ condos across 25 buildings in Istanbul. The new clubhouse is a common area for members of Ulus Savoy, a place to dine, entertain, exercise and relax. Its primary feature holds a dining and lounge space under high, two-story ceilings. In its center, a glass-encased library spans both floors. It’s a progressive, creative space, one with the feel of a nightclub that is exclusive to the member community and their guests.

Beyond the grand room, there’s also a gym and swimming pool in this facility. The angular design language in the grand room appears elsewhere, providing visual continuity between spaces. The gym and pool are used for a much different purpose than the lounge and dining room, but they are clearly a part of the same identity.

Ulus Savoy is open now, and its clubhouse space is ready to welcome its members. It’s not the first work by Autoban that we’ve featured here on TheCoolist (see the “House Cafe Kanyon“), and we’re certainly excited to see more.

Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 1 Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 5 Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 9 Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 7 Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 10 Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban 11

Ulus Savoy Clubhouse by Autoban | Gallery

[photography by Sergio Ghetti]