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    Urwerk White Shark Watch
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Urwerk White Shark Watch

The Swiss watch manufacturer Urwerk has released a new limited version of its UR-202 model, the Urwerk White Shark Watch.  The White Shark joins the Mexican Fireleg version of the UR-103 in the forthcoming Rare Species Collection. 

The Urwerk White Shark Watch bares the same shape and design as the UR-202, but receives a monochrome color treatment save for subtle red accents. 

For us, this is a welcome departure from the typical UR-202, which might just be a bit too busy for our taste.  The White Shark version is a step up in class, a design that is much more “Aston Martin” to the standard UR-202’s “Lotus”. 

What we did love about the original UR-202 is its central, triangular dial and specialized movement, which makes for a progressive timepiece that clearly exceeds the standards of modern watch design. [urwerk]

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