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Villa Isabella by Brasil Arquitetura

Villa Isabella Brasil Arquitetura 1 Villa Isabella by Brasil Arquitetura

The reknown of Brazilian architecture reaches far beyond the South American country’s own borders.  The Brasil Arquitetura design group has done some brilliant work outside of their native land, and the Villa Isabella project is a shining example.  This modern, green home is built in the Nordic country of Finland, taking in the cool environment and merging naturally with stone and wood walls.  Upon close inspection, the stone architecture feels right-out-of-the-ground, alive with lichens and the moody aura of nature.  Within its wood, stone and glass exterior is a warm modern living space, with touching dark woods and cool, clean lines.  While the design crew behind this Nordic beauty may be of tropical descent, their design sensibilities truly transcend the boundaries of simple location.  Naturally, our hat goes off to them.  [brasil arquitetura via plataforma arquitectura]

Villa Isabella Brasil Arquitetura 7 Villa Isabella by Brasil Arquitetura


Villa Isabella Gallery

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