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Villa M2 by Lindvall A&D


Jonas Lindvall’s design of the Villa M2 in Malmo, Sweden may be an exercise in contemporary minimalism, but it is the details of his work which have us drooling.  While most of the home appears stark and simple at first glance, we love the little details– like the skylight above the bed, the recessed, hidden lighting, and the floor-to-ceiling windows that collapse into the open space outdoors.

The structure of the Villa M2 is angular and asymmetrical, an L-shaped design with structural offshoots like a bedroom box that juts out over the patio below.  That patio features a wood-lined lap pool, a stripe of cool aqua color which adds life to the decidedly colorless exterior walls.

Indoors, the practice of simplicity is continued, giving the occupant a blank slate upon which to project their daily life.  The lighting is well-hidden, mostly indirect, having been carefully focused upon the walls themselves or from recessed ceiling-level cans.  Above the master bed is a skylight at horizontal eye-level, giving a view of the stars and sun as the hours pass.

In total, Lindvall’s Villa M2 design may not have the warmth and emotion that most modern home buyers desire, but for those who love contemporary minimalism, this is a wondrous habitat.  [jonas lindvall via yatzer]






Villa M2 Gallery