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    The 1956 Manurhin Scooter
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The 1956 Manurhin Scooter

Fans of vintage Vespas should take note, because this 1956 Manurhin Scooter will cool the pants off of your little Italian Stallion.  While we most certainly prefer mopeds to scooters, we are in awe of the beauty of this classic wide-body scooter.  The 1956 Manurhin Scooter was manufactured in France and sold throughout Europe under different models and monikers.  Some were designed as one-seaters, others included two, but all of them guaranteed a smooth, stylish ride for open air commuters in some of Europe’s greatest cities.  These rare vintage models are in pristine condition, showcasing a moto that time forgot.  As modern scooters are as embarrassing as they are slow, their designers could certainly learn a lot from this lovely specimen of old-school scooter glory.  [bikeexif via viacomit]

1956 Manurhin Scooter Gallery