By Catherine Nyorani

10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World  (with Pictures)

Come with us on a virtual birdwatching session as we appreciate these 10 beautiful birds  (in no particular order)!

Bohemian Waxwing

The bohemian waxwing is medium-sized bird with a signature crested head and distinctive black mask. They’re mostly greyish brown with cinnamon-hued under-tail plumage and yellow-tipped tails.


Hyacinth Macaw

Also known as the “blue macaw” due to their impressive azure blue plumage that’s splendidly matched with a yellow band around the eyes. The hyacinth macaw is the largest flying parrot species, measuring a remarkable 40 inches in length.


Wood Duck

Wood ducks stand out as one of the prettiest water birds the world over. They’re mostly found along streams and swampy marshes all across the United States and Canada.


Keel-billed Toucan

The giant multicolored bill has also earned the keel-billed toucan another name, the “rainbow-billed toucan”, with a fusion of red, green, and yellow pigmentation.


Blue Jay

Blue jays offer beauty with brains, as they are considered amongst the most intelligent birds in the world. It’s easy to spot them by their distinctive “jay jay” sounding calls. Blue jays have a colorful plumage that consists of a clever combination of blue, black, and white.


Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic puffin is an unusual mix of features that adds up to one of the most striking seabirds. The coloring of their plumage is reminiscent of the ever-endearing penguin, yet their distinctive bills have earned them the nickname of the “sea parrot”.



It has long gained admiration among royalty and aristocracy, finding export to every corner of the world as well as its place as the national bird of India.