By M. W. Byrne

19 Products To Stop Buying Immediately

So that you can stop wasting money and buying nonsense that is borne of lies and greed, we found 19 products you should never buy. Some are good, some are bad, all are pointless.

Air Fresheners

Little bowls of vinegar or baking soda put into fabrics do a much better job of neutralizing odors, and a spray bottle full of lavender or rose water will give you a natural way to combat unwanted odors.



Littered with toxic items, if you simply can’t stop your face-fixing habit, at least aim to buy high-end products with fewer caustic ingredients, then take care of them. Also, use sparingly.


Window Cleaner

A little vinegar and water works better at cleaning glass and removing streaks than anything you’re going to get in the cleanser aisle. 


Immunity Boosters

Sometimes they help. More often than not, they provide a handy placebo sensation commensurate with the price tag on the pills. Mostly, you’re better off staying in bed than trying to get help from these faux disease aids.



Potpourri is nothing more than scents in a bag. Dry out flowers, or orange peels, or merely boil a pot with some essential oils and you’ll get the same effect as potpourri, all without the exorbitant cost of pre-made mixtures.


Locking Bags

Ziploc is the most famous brand for this, but any bag that locks is a waste of money. If you must, use plastic food containers that can be reused instead of plastic that goes into a landfill, essentially taking your money with it.


Color-Enhancing or Protective Shampoo

Mostly, to clean your hair you should stick to some natural oils – olive and coconut are the most popular – and baking soda.