World’s 10 Coolest Subway Systems


Sep 27, 2021

Unreal Underground

The Washington Metro This is the most iconic and visually progressive subway system in the United States. The 100-mile network of tunnels includes 28 stations, most of which are the work of architect Harry Weese

The Moscow Metro Nearly 7,000,000 people ride the Moscow Metro Subway each day, zipping through 190 miles of tunnels that stretch as low as 276-feet below the surface.

The Paris Metro The Paris Metro subway system turned 121 years old this year, its history reflecting Parisian pride with an Art Nouveau sense of style.

Montreal Metropolitan Another great French-speaking city is home to another great subway.The Montreal Metro was born in 1966, in time for the world expo held the following year in this city.

Frankfurt U-Bahn Subway System Since 1968, the Frankfurt U-Bahn subway system has served passengers traversing through Germany’s 5th largest city, passing through 86 stations over 40 miles of track.

NYC’s Abandoned City Hall Subway Station NYC’s Abandoned City Hall Subway Station is closed to the public, accessible only during a very rare tour or an illegal entry.  It was first closed in 1945, opened just once for public viewing since.

Stockholm Subway The Stockholm Subway may be the most beautiful subway system in the world.  It features over 100 stations, some above ground and others below, and has been called the “longest art gallery in the world”.

Kazakhstan’s Almaty Subway After 23 years in construction, punctuated by a very long break, Kazakhstan’s Almaty Subway opened its doors on December 1st, 2011, featuring a design character that is at once modern and classical.

Pyongyang Metro This short, busy, and out-dated subway system might be the world’s most mysterious. Rarely seen by eyes foreign to North Korea, the Pyongyang Metro subway system stretches across 14 miles and 17 stations.

The Taipei Metro The clean and vibrant design of Taipei Metro’s stations has attracted many riders to the subway, a movement which has helped curb traffic congestion and spark urban renewal. Nearly 2,000,000 passengers ride every day.