Get Up, Live Longer: The 8 Best Standing Desks

By M. W. Byrne

Here’s the best choices if you’re choosing to go the upright route.

Ergodriven Spark

If you’re thinking about making the leap, the dirt cheap Spark is the smart way to test drive a standing desk scheme without spending a lot. 


VARIDESK Adjustable

The Varidesk is large enough for some dual-monitor setups and has an intuitive scissor design that allows you to set the height you want and then lock it in.


Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

It’s a bit more convenient than other conversion choices simply because it sits atop your existing desk without being mounted.


Ergotron WorkFit-T

If you’re looking for a standing option in a limited space that can easily be adjusted from sitting to standing, or simply moved aside, the WorkFit-T is the compact choice.


Fully Jarvis Bamboo

Even when extended to its full height, the Jarvis Bamboo doesn’t offer up a single wiggle, which makes your workstation more steadfast, but also reduces stress by making it less irritating.


Uplift Standing Desk

The executives behind the Uplift have a background in ergonomics, which has led to the design of a stellar stand-up that is easy on your body and requires minimal adjustment to get right.