By The Coolist

Going Solo: The 20 Best Private Jets for When You Want to Travel in Style

A bad ride on the smaller aircraft could be terrifying and disastrous, which is why you should know which are the best private jets and which are not worth the money.

Learjet Liberty 75

The Last Champion: If there was one name synonymous with providing the best business jets, it was LearJet.


Hawker 400XP

Light & Sassy: Beloved by short to mid-range business travelers for its peppy ability to get off the ground quickly and ride smoothly both across town and across the country.


Nextant G90XT

Many Flavors: With small planes, what you see is often less than what you get. On the G90XT, you get the option of many cabin layouts. It’s is alluring in that it offers so many choices, even with the limited space.


Honda Jet

Small Wonder: You can tell from the comfortable, friendly, inviting sitting arrangement of the Honda Jet that it comes from a car manufacturer.


Cessna Citation M2

Break from Form: Cessna may be the top of the twin-prop heap, but the M2 is something a little bit different. Launched in 2011, the M2 was the latest addition to the Cessna family. Simplicity is key to this business jet.


Pilatus PC-12

Hold ’em: The PC-12 is the most popular pressurized single-engine turbine-powered aircraft in the world. If that doesn’t make it one of the best business jets around, I don’t know what is. 


Beechcraft King Air 350i

Skipper: The Super King has been in active service in one model or another since 1972. It is the longest service active private jet in the world.


Pilatus PC-24

Small Packages: Built for getting on and off of small runways, the PC-24 would be Pablo Escobar’s dream. It’s built like a turboprop but has the cabin space of a medium corporate jet.