By M. W. Byrne

The Art of Burning Man: 22 Works of Flaming Fantasy

If you were one of the many who missed the latest pyrotechnic celebration, let us give you a window into this weird world with 22 of the most amazing Burning Man works of art.

Identity Reorganization Portal by Michael Emery

A single Tardis-style outlet that stands lonesome in the sunlight, Michael Emery used a myriad of broken mirrors to cause a gently altered effect.


Lord Snort by Bryan Tedrick

A massive steel warthog that looks ready to challenge the massive bronze Bowling Green Bull outside Wall Street.


The 747 Experience by Big Imagination

7 years in the making, the 747 Experience is finally and fully realized. It’s a gutted Boeing 747 that invites people to experience various themes and interact in real discussions about their dreams.


RotoFuego by Leo O’Brien and the Lumen Crew

An experiment in the new medium of fire sculpture, participants pedal a stationary bicycle which adds to the moving, dancing flame.


Tangential Dreams by Arthur Mamou-Mani

The swaying, sinuous movement is created digitally by following algorithmic rules, combining the beauty of science to create art.


La Victrola by Tim Bremner and community

A 35-foot tall gramophone, the cabaret music that pours from the La Victrola invites passers-by to join in the dance and give themselves over to the music.