Tower concept applied to house design

By Leah Gonzalez Angue

Sep 30, 2021


Not every home needs to be horizontal. A handful of daring designers have broken the mold to build up instead of out.

GLUCK+ Tower House


Built by architecture firm GLUCK+, this small tower house is a vacation house set in a wooded area. Its structure is inspired by the trees that surround it.

Skysphere Tiny House


Designed by graphic designer Jono Williams, this futuristic-looking tower house is a structure that looks like a water tower but is actually a living space and bedroom.

The Tank House


New York-based architecture firm Messana O’Rorke turned a water tower on the roof deck of their client’s downtown apartment into a space for relaxation.

The DELTA Cabin


The Delta Cabin by AToT Architects is a small cube-framed structure that is raised above the ground by nine concrete pillars.

Water Tower Brasschaat


Zecc Architecten converted a 1931 water tower into a modern house spanning nine levels. To let more natural light in they created a window frame that spans three levels.

Glen Lake Tower House


Balance Associates created a three-story plywood house raised by two metal-clad walls.

Water TowerSoest


The Water Tower Brasschaat project by Crepain Binst Architecture turned an old unused water tower on the grounds of the manor of Brasschaat into a modern private residence.

Holmenkollen ski jump penthouse


Norway’s Holmenkollen ski jump, used in the 1952 Winter Olympics, was turned into a penthouse and rented out for a single weekend via AirBnb.

Martello Tower Y


The Martello Tower home by architects Piercy & Company is a Napoleonic era sea defense tower that was converted into a family home.

Cien House


The Cien House by Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen is a 7-story concrete tower that houses the architects’ living quarters and their studio.