By M. W. Byrne

16 Wall Decor Ideas To Transform Your Space

Even the most hardened criminals decorate their cells with whatever they can, so don’t ignore that or fear that white wall, take a moment or two to make it your own with these 16 wall decor ideas.

Dream It, Theme It

The first piece of advice is to have a specific theme in mind before you start throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.


Mirror Mirror

Thrift stores are rife with mirrors of all sizes, and adorning a wall with a large one will provide a way to reflect light and add the sense of space to a room while also requiring almost no work on your part.


Metal Montage

Any jumble of shiny materials stuck onto the wall will help throw light around and add a sense of clean modernism to your home.



Toys, action figures, models, and anything else can be put on shelves on the wall to create an ever-shifting scene that reflects your own personal tastes or interests.


Pick a Plant

A neat trick that will really give your home a naturalistic appearance is a bit of climbing ivy or other plant that will sprawl and spread out.


Light It Up

Candle sconces or dramatic lights can highlight any wall art, or be paired with multiple small mirrors to create interesting mood lighting arrangements that bounce all around the room.


Cork Board Collage

There’s nothing wrong with a messy wall, except it can leave you with peeled paint or endless holes to spackle over.