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    Wellograph Wellness Watch
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Wellograph Wellness Watch

Wellograph Wellness Watch – Fitness trackers have a long way to go.  For a kind of device that can have value to just about any user, most are currently designed for athletic environments, not the work day or the night out.  They’re heavy with polyurethane, they’re styled like running shoes, and their display functionality is limited at best.  By contrast, this one is a breath of fresh air, a contemporary “wellness watch” that combines the functionality of a fitness tracker with the appearance and display of a minimalist timepiece.  The Wellograph is for those who wish to keep an eye on their activity from 9-to-5 and beyond– without having to make any stylistic compromises.

Wellograph Wellness Watch 3

The Wellograph wellness watch is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in a sexy little package.  It features the same kind of functionality as the Fitbit Force, a unit which was rated the #1 Fitness Tracker (of 26) this week by Time Magazine.  Despite this number one rating, the Force can be a limited little device.  Its tiny LED display provides basic information that can be difficult to read and navigate, and the screen is blank until activated by the wearer.  It’s also easy to lose, as the back clasp can unintentionally disengage long before the wearer notices.  Strike three for some users has been an allergic reaction to the nickel used in its design, which has led Fitbit to refund owners of the Force.

By comparison, the Wellograph wellness watch is a promising alternative.  It features a large, always-on display that can be operated with the raised, machined aluminum buttons on its right side.  The rear clasp is a traditional watch clasp, with a metal piece that penetrates the band to hold the watch in place.  Finally, its materials are aluminum, stainless steel and sapphire crystal with a genuine leather band.  Now the Wellograph isn’t only remarkable in comparison to the Fitbit Force, but this comparison is valuable given just how highly regarded the Force is, and how promising the Wellograph can be.

Wellograph Wellness Watch 8

The Wellograph, like the other fitness trackers on the market, features its own app for detailed data visualization of a wearer’s activity.  Using Bluetooth 4.0, the Wellograph syncs “effortlessly” with iOS and Android smartphones.  Like the hardware unit, the app is stylistically striking, featuring a lovely user interface with plenty of data-vis eye candy.  Heartrate information, calories burned, distance traveled and plenty of other details can be easily viewed over a handful of screens that can be shared with other Wellograph fitness friends.

Wellograph Wellness Watch 6

Back to the hardware, it’s the design of the Wellograph that has us so excited in the first place.  It’s simple, sexy and suitable for casual-to-serious wardrobe situations.  To bystanders, it looks like a watch, not a yellow-band charity bracelet like the other fitness trackers.  Its shape and feel is inspired by fitness as well.  The shape of the sapphire crystal case is a slight convex, like the upward peak of the heart’s pulse on an electrocardiograph.  It’s smooth and subtle but still functional, with its large display and machined aluminum buttons doing the heavy lifting.  That large display doesn’t require a lot of power, as the Wellograph can run for two weeks on a single charge, even more if its heart monitor functionality is not in use.

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The premium options that the Wellograph offers carries a premium price.  It’ll be available for $320 this spring directly from and other retail sources.  If you’ve been in the market for a minimal timepiece, you know that this is close to the bottom end of the price spectrum for a style like this.  The fitness tracking functionality is a bonus in that regard.  For those looking for a wellness option specifically, however, we see this as a better option than the Fitbit Force, largely considered to be the best item on the fitness tracking market.  If you’re shopping, it might be worth the wait to hang on for the release of the Wellograph.  Its functionality and its sex appeal make it the king of the fitness trackers in our book.

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