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Williamsburg Wythe Hotel – Brooklyn

Inside Williamsburgs Wythe Hotel 01 Williamsburg Wythe Hotel   Brooklyn

The Wythe Hotel overlooks the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, New York. This historic renovated 72 room hotel still maintains the charm from its time as a functioning textile factory. The industrial aesthetic of the building remains in the tall vaulted ceilings and rustic wood and brick finishes. A large preexisting concave entryway sheds light on the historic architecture of the building as wells as the cast iron columns and supports.  The contemporary design of the hotel includes spacious flat style rooms with large glass floor to ceiling windows that show off the beautiful surrounding urban landscape.  [via highsnobiety and selectism]

Inside Williamsburgs Wythe Hotel 06 Williamsburg Wythe Hotel   Brooklyn

Williamsburg Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn Gallery

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