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Wood Block Residence by Chadbourne and Doss Architects


The Wood Block Residence by Chadbourne + Doss Architects is a nature-focused gem on Mercer Island, Washington.  The home rests on a hill flanked by lush, green vegetation that provides a natural backdrop to this home.  Its interior walls corner up to floor-to-ceiling glass, making the thick fern landscape of the exterior seem like the real walls of this home.

Inside, this concrete, metal and wood structure is a warm, earthy setting for its residents.  The dark walls, exposed beams, tan wood ceiling and dark floors are a neutral balance to this home’s modern furnishings.  Its inner white walls give a brighter, lively appearance in a friendly contrast to the dark supporting structures.  Outside, a screened patio gives a change of scenery from the clean interior, with a wooden deck and a rock garden to the side.  In our opinion, this home is an absolute class act, a great exercise in contemporary design while focusing on client comfort, first and foremost.  Doesn’t it just look entirely relaxing?  [chadbourne + doss via contemporist]





Wood Block Residence Gallery