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WoodVibes Wooden Erotic Toys

woodvibes wooden erotic toys 1 WoodVibes Wooden Erotic Toys

Lovemaking is an organic experience, a point at which we share our most human traits.  Designer Jonas Lonborg feels that the tools of expression we use at these precious times shouldn’t be made of rubber or plastic, but inspired by the world of nature.  Lonborg’s “WoodVibes” erotic toys are a series of vibrating massagers encased in fine wooden veneers (update: they’re actually solid, hollowed-out wood!  Thanks Jonas!).  These induction-charged, smooth wood and brushed aluminum massagers are easily the coolest erotic toys we’ve seen, enough so to be featured here on the Official Catalog of Cool. [via yankodesign]

woodvibes wooden erotic toys 3 WoodVibes Wooden Erotic Toys

WoodVibes Sex toys

WoodVibes Sex toys

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