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Xeriscope Watch – Kickstarter

Our friends at Watchismo have taken the step from curators to creators, having officially revealed a new mechanical watch of their own inspiration, the Xeriscope.  This is a new breed of mechanical timepiece, a watch designed with modern inspiration and timeless appeal, that runs on mechanical systems that are at the forefront of its design.  The Xeriscope by Xeric, the new brand from Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt at Watchismo.com, is now moving from prototype to reality on Kickstarter.

Funding for the Xeriscope Watch has far eclipsed the $40,000 that Xeric had outlined for manufacturing the prototype.  However, many rewards still remain for backers who wish to secure an early (and special edition) version of the Xeriscope.  Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about this incredible new mechanical watch, its story, and how you can be a part of its future.




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